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Par4 6-2-5 Fertilizer

Using natural ingredients, PAR4® 6-2-5 is the perfect answer to controlling moss in turf. Not only does it provide the nutrients that promote lush green turf and improved soil health; it controls moss anytime it is a problem.

Par4 9-3-7 Fertilizer

Manufactured using feather meal, bone meal and potassium sulfate, PAR4® 9-3-7 is a homogeneous, granulated natural fertilizer. Perfect for any turf, ornamental and agricultural application, PAR4® 9-3-7 includes ingredients which have a proven record of efficacy.

Par4 27-2-2 Fertilizer

Containing animal proteins, natural potassium sulfate and urea, this blended product brings together the best of both worlds: natural ingredients to promote soil and plant health and synthetic nitrogen for fast green up of turfgrass.

Diamond Select Turf Zone Soil Mix

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Incorporated into the soil, AXIS reduces compaction and increases water and air permeability of the soil. It increases plant available water, firms up soggy soils, loosens hard to work soils, provides better drainage and aids in nutrient transfer. All of this results in dramatically improved root growth and improved microbial activity.

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