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Diamond Select MHP KIT

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Diamond Select is proud to produce an MHP KIT that’s reasonably priced and good quality.  The Diamond Select Mound & Home Plate Kit™ includes enough Diamond Select Clay Bricks, Diamond Select Natural Mound Clay, and your choice of infield conditioner to renovate a full size mound, both batters boxes, and the catchers box.




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Each Kit Includes:

275- Diamond Select Unfired Clay Bricks

10- Bags of Diamond Select Natural Mound Clay (50 lb each)

10- Bags of Infield Conditioner Your Choice: Triple Play Infield Conditioner, Pros Choice,  Turface MVP, Or Lousiville Slugger (50 lb each)

* You can replace bags of infield conditioner with more mound clay

Total Weight: 2800 lbs.

Valley Athletics Tip: When laying clay bricks. Make sure your brick are moist and can be compacted with a tamp. Dry brick with break and wont mold as easy as clay bricks with moisture.


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