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Louisville Slugger® Game Time Pro™ Infield Conditioner

Louisville Slugger Game Time Classic is a thermally optimized calcined clay that can be used on the skinned areas of baseball and softball fields to improve drainage. We recommend amending this material into the playing surface of an infield at 20% by volume. The larger particle size increases the durability of the product.

The design philosophy behind using calcined clay as an infield conditioner focuses on Absorption, Uniformity, and Stability.

Tan in color, Louisville Slugger Game Time Classic has been designed to meet the challenges of wet, dry or compacted infields This unique, durable granule helps create passageways for drainage, improve soil strength, and eliminate compaction for truer bounces and safer play. It is good when used as a Soil Conditioner, as it improves soil structure and controls excess moisture.

When used as an Infield Conditioner:

Amend Louisville Slugger Game Time Classic into your soil profile at a rate of 20% by volume.

Coverage Rates:

1.5 Tons will cover 1,000 sq. ft. at a depth of 1 inch (1.9 yards/ton)


Baseball Coverage


1” Soil

3” Soil

6” Soil

90’ Bases (Grass Infield) 11,550 sq. ft. 3.5 tons 10.5 tons 21 tons
60’ Bases (Little League) 3,850 sq. ft. 1.5 tons 3.75 tons 7.5 tons

Softball Coverage


1” Soil

3” Soil

6” Soil

65’ Bases (Slow Pitch) 9,200 sq. ft. 3 tons 9 tons 18 tons
60’ Bases (ASA Fast Pitch) 8,300 sq. ft. 2.75 tons 8.25 tons 17 tons



Available Colors: Tan
Weight: 38 pounds per cubic foot = 1.95 Yards:1 Ton
Absorption: 57% Absorption


Bags: 50 lbs. each, 40 bags per Pallet
Supersacks: 2,100 lbs. each, 1 per Pallet


  • Improves safety
  • Reduces compaction
  • Reduces rain delays
  • Controls moisture
  • Improves drainage
  • Retains moisture
  • Stable particles
  • Will not stick to cleats

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