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Team Store Incentive Program

Let us launch a fully-branded online store custom built for your team with your logos & team colors. Earn money for your team!


Incentive Program

Player Packs Ordered

Your Program Will Receive

10-15 Packs

$25 per item in pack

16-25 Packs

$40 per item in pack

26-49 Packs

$50 per item in pack

50 + Packs

$65 per item in pack

Example: If your team has 30 players order a player pack of 8 items, we would give your program 8 x $50.00 per item = $400.00 to use on the store as a coaching staff coupon


Incentive Program

Items Sold

Your Program Will Receive

Incentive Bonus

50 + Items


No Bonus

100+ Items



200+ Items



300+ Items



400+ Items



Example: If your team’s store sells 456 items, we will cut your team a check for 456 x $5.50 = $2508 and then we will cut you a bonus incentive check for 456 x $2.00 = $912.00

Example Player Pack Bundle

Team Store Player Pack Bundle

Other Example Player Pack Options


Outfit your team with uniforms and apparel!

E-mail, Call or head over to our Team Store to check out some designs.

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