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Diamond Select Natural Mound Clay


Diamond Select is proud to produce a mound clay that’s reasonably priced and good quality.  The mound clay market has increasingly become expensive over the years, with some brands priced as high as $20/bag.  To Diamond Select there’s no reason some programs should be priced out of maintaining the most important areas of a baseball and softball field.

Why Diamond Select Natural Mound Clay™:

  • Diamond Select Natural Mound Clay™ is up to 50% less when compared to other brands. It gives coaches on a budget the durability that pitchers and batters require.
  • Diamond Select Natural Mound Clay™ is screened down to 1/4 of a inch to create a consistent packing option that easily tamps into holes, provides greater durability and reduces maintenance.
  • Diamond Select Natural Mound Clay™ gives back a $1/bag to local baseball programs.
  • Diamond Select Natural Mound Clay™ is a mid-level blend of clay that has been designed for the stress of high traffic areas such as your pitchers mound. This product will add durability and strength to your soil, easily bind and conform to existing surfaces, and enhance your mound’s level of play.

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Availabilty: Diamond Select comes in 50 pound bags. A standard pallet is 40 bags. We can ship up to 55 bags on a pallet.

Volume: 1 Bag = 50 lbs = .71 Cubic Foot

Valley Athletics Tip: When maintaining your mound, always try to repair high stressed areas after the game.  This allows the clay to set overnight as well as prevents divots from growing greater in size.

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