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Why Use Aerosol Cans?

· Fast Drying – Aerosol paints dry in as quick as 30 minutes, compared to some bulk paints that can take up to 24 hours.

· No Expensive Machine – When buying bulk paints you will need to buy an airless or compressed sprayer which can cost thousands of dollars depending on the quality. Whereas a striping machine will cost less than $125 and in some cases are free!

· Easy to Use – Aerosol cans are light-weight, no dilution rates, they travel easy, and are extremely simple to set up in a striping machine.

· Easier To Handle – Game Day Aerosol cans weigh 20 ounces compared to 55 lbs. of a Game Day Bulk Pail. This will allow easier transport to and from the field.

· Easily Stored – Aerosol cases come with 12 cans per case. Each case is 11 1/4˝ x 8 1/2˝ x 10 1/4˝ which makes easier to store than oddly shaped pails.

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