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Your Local Sports Professionals…

At Valley Athletics, we are committed to helping you enhance your athletic programs through the use of quality, affordable products, and industry knowledge you can trust.

As the leading supplier of infield materials in the northwest, we are excited to announce that in the fall of 2011, we are expanding our lineup of sports field solutions to include sports equipment, athletic field maintenance products, technical resources, consultation, and online shopping cart for baseball, softball, football, soccer, lacrosse, field hockey, golf, basketball, and more.

We understand that your situation and needs are unique, and feel that the best way to answer your questions is to listen to your concerns, offer as much knowledge as possible, and then recommend quality solutions to your issues. Though no two fields are alike, Valley Athletics takes great pride in working with each individual customer to achieve the best athletic program possible.


We are committed to expanding our knowledge daily.  At Valley Athletics, we are so focused on information, that we have dedicated hundreds of pages to spec sheets, analysis, dimensions, frequently asked questions, and other resources!


If you are after cheaply made products, then we are not your guys!  At Valley Athletics, we value quality and value over a cheap price tag.  We believe in this so much, that we hand pick who we use as our suppliers and what brands work.  If it does not meet our quality control, then it flat out is not acceptable for us to sell to you.


We understand that it is you, our customers, who keep us in business.  You, the coach, the groundskeeper, the President of your league, or the parents who help out, are our sole priority.  And, though we may not always earn your business, we are here to help you…regardless if that puts a sales on our books.

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